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Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


Our School Council

Our School Council consists of children from every class from Reception to Year 6. The School Council meets on a Monday lunchtime in our ICT Suite. We have a Vice-Chair, who helps the Chair and a Secretary, who types out the agenda. Our meetings tend to be lively and productive. We have lots of ideas and spend time discussing school events and thinking about some improvements which we could make. The School Councillors consult with their class on a weekly basis (after each School Council meeting) to seek opinions, to discuss ideas and to listen to class ideas. Every term, we write a report for the Governor's Meeting and we tell them about our events and the issues that we are working on and discussing. In each class we have a suggestion box and this encourages everyone to share their ideas. We sometimes help Mrs Raynham-Dobb to take assembly.

This year we are going to work on the PADL Awards for School Councils. We will need to fulfil different criteria to receive an award and can aim towards Bronze, Silver or Gold. We can't wait to get started!

Book Ambassadors

Some members of the School Council have been chosen to represent the school as Book Ambassadors. They have been to the local book shop to have a tour and choose a book that they can keep. Once they have read their book, they will review it and talk to other children in their class about their thoughts. They will also be making work for display pieces and later in the term, they will return to The Book Shop and their projects will be displayed in the window. The initiative has been set up by the shop to encourage children’s reading through selecting their own books.

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Outcome of the School Garden Competition 2016

We judged this in July according to different criteria, including Health of Plants, Variety, Colour and Imagination. There was a clear winner! Well done Class 4!

Message from the Vice Chairs

Welcome to our school council website. We hope you enjoy exploring. We have the very important job helping Mrs Raynham-Dobb. If you have any ideas, give them to one of the school council members or put them into the suggestion box.

Further Information on our School Council

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