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Sports Day


A Visit from Ken! Ken brought in some moths for us to see.

Class One School Trip to Porfell

A special visit in Class One. Delphi’s Mum kindly brought in their pet chicks for our Science Lesson. We learnt all about why they are such great pets.

Collage in Year 1

Year 1 created their own collage paper and created collages inspired by Eric Carle's work. Before creating their collages, they learnt all about insects and their body parts. They then applied this to their insect designs. 




History-Designing our own bridges just like Brunel and The Royal Albert Bridge

Science- Our Minibeast Hunt!

Exploring Capacity in Maths

Puppet Making Fun in DT!

Science in Class One

This term we have been looking at Seasonal Change and how weather can be different in the changing seasons. We have made rain gauges, wind socks and played with shadows by making shadow puppets. 

World Book Day Potatoes

World Book Day

Geography- Drawing our own city named Everycity

Our Hopes and Dreams Garden 

Class One at home and in school have been working on their hopes and dreams. The wellies are their goals for the future and the coins are what they are proud of. They have worked extremely hard and I am so impressed with the final product. 

Art- Home Learning 

Class One have been busy doing printing with everyday objects and potatoes! They are beautiful!

Art - Snow is Falling!

Year 1 have been making some bright and colourful snowy collages for the entrance area.

Making Sliders in Design and Technology

Class 1 have just started a unit on making Moving Pictures. Here are some of the early sliders that they have made.

December 2020

Class One drew some Christmas pictures for the patients at Tavistock Hospital to decorate the wards for Christmas. They are beautiful and the hospital were so happy with the pictures. 


December 2020

We have been exploring 2D shapes and catergorisng them by shape or properties. We have also been making Christmas pictures using shapes! 

This week in Maths we were making patterns using things we could find in the classroom and we made pattern paper chains.


November 2020

Here are some photographs of Year 1 learning about subtraction using the part-part whole method in Maths.


November 2020

Class 1 worked as a team to find all their number bonds to 12 and wrote them on the board themselves. They even found the pattern to check if they had found them all. 

November 2020

This week in Maths we were using Numicon in Class One to compare a number to a number sentence. 


November 2020

Here are some photographs of Class 1 exploring different everyday materials in Science and categorising them into their different materials. 

November 2020

In Science last week we were using magnets to complete experiments. We used different materials to see how they react when put near a magnet. Class 1 then explored by making magnet mazes for their partner using paper clips. 

November 2020

In Geography we have been studying different types of maps and thinking about how they may be used. Here are some photographs of us exploring different maps. 

Collaborative Learning

September 2020

Class 1 started the new term with lots of team building activities. Here are some photographs of them putting together a jigsaw.

Class 1