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Governor Information

Governing Body 2021/22


Mrs Alison Burrow - Foundation Governor

End of Term 29.07.18 - 29.07.22 


Ms Elizabeth Clarke - Co-opted Governor 

Term 05.06.18 - 05.06.22


Mr James Cock - Co-opted Governor

Term 21.02.21 - 21.1.25


Mr Steven Crouch - A/Parent

Term 12.05.21 - 12.05.25


Mrs Susan Gillbard - Co-opted Governor

Term 18.9.21 - 18.9.25 


Mrs Jennie Harrison - Co-opted Governor

 Term 10.09.18 - 10.09.22


Mrs Louise James - Staff Governor

Term 05.01.20 - 05.01.24   


Mrs Margaret Juckett - Co-opted Governor 

Term 14.10.18 - 14.10.22   


Mrs Lillian Hooper - Foundation Governor

Term 29.07.18 - 29.07.22 


Mrs Iris Maslen - Co-opted Governor

Term 1.1.21 - 1.1.25  


Mrs Emma Pascoe-Parish - E/Parent

Term 16.03.20 - 16.03.24


Mrs Amanda Raynham-Dobb - Headteacher


Governing Body Committees


Finance & Buildings:

Mr. Crouch (Chair)

Mrs. Raynham-Dobb

Mrs. James

Mrs. Juckett

Mr. Cock

Mrs. Gillbard



Mrs. Burrow

Mrs. Juckett

Mrs. Raynham-Dobb

Ms. Clarke



Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Juckett

Mrs. Spree

Mrs. Raynham-Dobb (Advisor)



Mrs. Hooper

Mr. Crouch

Mr Cock


Pupil Discipline:

Mrs. Hooper

Mrs. Maslen

Mr Cock


Headteacher Performance Management:

Mrs. Juckett 

Mrs. Maslen

Mrs. Spree



Governing Body Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests




Ali Burrow

Member of staff, SENCo

Steven Crouch


Lillian Hooper

Parish Councillor

Louise James

Member of staff

Margaret Juckett

Cook at a tearoom, Trustee Menheniot Old School Trust, Vice Chair Menheniot Parish Hall Committee, Treasurer Menheniot Old School Trust, husband is a cricket coach

Iris Maslen

Daughter is member of staff


Amanda Raynham-Dobb