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Class 4

Year 4

Teacher: Mr Haslam


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January 2020

December 2020

Winter Display

Class 4 enjoyed creating these pictures for the entrance area display on Winter.


Roman Bullas - Part 2

Sewing them was a challenge!


December 2020

Design and Technology - Roman Bullas

Class 4 have recently been working on designing Roman Bullas in their Design and Technology lesson. They drew their designs and made a prototype. Next week they will sewing and decorating them. Here are a selection of their designs. 


December 2020 - Christmas!


Class 4 is feeling very Christmassy. We have put our Christmas tree up and the children have decorated the tree with some tinsel and other decorations. The children loved taking part in putting up the tree and we are now very excited about Christmas!


December 2020 - Science 


Class 4 learned all about the water cycle with Mrs Parker-Jones. They even did some amazing diagrams to demonstrate their knowledge!

December 2020 - French 


During French this term we have been focusing on animals. This game allowed us to match the French names for animals with the pictures. The children have been amazing at discovering the French names for certain animals. Ask them all about it!

November 2020


We have just started a new unit focusing on playscripts. During this lesson, the children had to act out the scene and work out which story it was re-telling.

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Class 4