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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented at Menheniot Primary School


At Menheniot Primary School we place a high priority on meeting the individual needs of all children – including those who are very able and with gifts or talents.  We work hard to ensure that class differentiation of work allows all children to be challenged in their learning within the classroom and beyond. it is important to us to ensure that all children achieve their potential whether their talents relate to the arts, sports or to the academic subjects. Other examples of individual strengths may relate to leadership skills, application to practical work and to creativity. Whatever your child’s strengths are, we aim to build upon them.  We aim to develop the whole child and to give a range of opportunities which allow talents and gifts to be developed.

Please let us know if you feel that your child has any special gifts or talents.


We have two registers relating to gifts and talents. A 'Shadow Register' is kept  which identifies those children that we feel are very able and a 'Gifted and Talented Register' is kept for those that are exceptional in a particular area. A child may be first put upon the 'Shadow Register' and then moved to the 'Gifted and Talented Register' as their particular talent develops.


When we are considering whether a child is ‘Gifted and Talented’ or considering whether to put them on the ‘Shadow Register’, we ask the following questions:


Do they have original, imaginative and creative ideas?

Do they have an outstanding vocabulary?

Are they verbally fluent?

Do they show a high level of empathy and sympathy for others?

Are they very sociable and can they see how to make things intuitively?

Are they independent and able to use their initiative?

Do they learn easily in different ways?

Are they sporty, artistic or musical?

Are they passionately interested in topics?


We also take assessment results, progress and attainment into account along with observation and the quality of their classwork.


How do we support children on the Gifted and Talented Register or Shadow Register?


It is the responsibility of all our staff to support and develop your child’s interests and strengths. This is done through planning and a differentiated approach. We recognise that whilst it is important to work on a child’s strengths, we also need to broaden their other abilities.


Where a child is on the registers, teachers will ensure that they are challenged in their strengths and that they receive opportunities to work on extended tasks and problem solving activities (depending on their talent). We sometimes receive information on ‘Gifted and Talented’ workshops and we nominate children for these and any other activities that will help them to extend their skills.


Gifted children sometimes need more support at school, but not necessarily more structured activities. They may need more freedom to learn at their own pace, and/or more guidance.

We always aim to nurture our pupils' all-round development as well as their intellectual development. Sometimes gifted children need extra help to develop their social skills such as working well in groups.


How can you support your child at home?


The main thing that you can offer your child is your time. Most everyday activities can be turned into valuable learning opportunities when shared with a parent.

Sharing and respecting the things that your child is interested in, is also important in building self-esteem and developing a good relationship.

Encouraging your child to participate in extra-curricular activities relating to their talents will not only help them to meet others who share the same interests but will also help them to increase their own skills and knowledge.