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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Governor?

If you are over 18 you can be a Governor. You do not have to be a parent with a child in the school. However there are some exceptions and full details are available from the school on application.


How can I become a Governor?

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, speak to the current Chair of Governors. When there is a vacancy for a Parent Governor, this will be advertised and you will be able to stand for nomination.


How much time is needed?

Governors give varying amounts of time depending on their other professional and personal commitments. Different Governors contribute in different ways. However you do need to be prepared to be active in the role and to attend meetings.


Are Governors paid?

Governors are not paid but they may be reimbursed for expenses, such as travel costs.


I have a full-time job. How will this fit in with a Governor’s Role?

Under section 50 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 employers must give any employees serving as a governor reasonable time so that they are able to carry out their governor duties. The Employer can decide whether this is paid or unpaid.


How many Governors are there in each school?

The minimum number of Governors is seven and the maximum is twenty. The number of Governors depends on the size and type of the school.


How long are Governors appointed for?

Governors are appointed for a period of four years, with the exception of the Headteacher who is automatically a Governor. Governors may be re-elected at the end of the four years.


What support and training are available?

Training courses available include the following:

  • Induction for New Governors Part 1 and Part 11
  • The Role of SEN Governor
  • The Role of Chair
  • Update for the Experienced Governor
  • Various Personnel Training e.g. Staff Performance Management, Staff Capability

In addition training can be tailor-made to fit needs.


The Cornwall Governor Network also provides support.

The Cornwall Governor Network meetings give Governors the opportunity to meet Governors from other schools and to network and to share ideas and best practice. Meetings are often led by a speaker on a topical issue of interest. Each network is led by a Governor Network Lead who organises the meeting and chairs it.