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SATs Results

Due to the Coronavirus, schools did not administer the 2020 or 2021 SATs.

 KS2 SATs Results Explained


What is a ‘scaled score’?


Your child will have achieved a ‘raw’ score for maths, reading and GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, sometimes called SPaG) based on the number of questions they correctly answered. This is then converted into a ‘scaled score’. A score of 100 is required to meet the expected standard.


What does that mean for my child’s score?


  • If your child has achieved a score of 100, he/she is working roughly at the expected national standard for a Year 6 pupil.

  • Using the scaled score, the lowest a child can score is 80, with the highest being 120.

  • If your child’s score is closer to 120 he/she is working beyond (or above) the expected national standard.

  • If your child’s score is closer to 80 he/she is working below the expected standard.


How do schools calculate the ‘combined’ score?


The combined score is not an average of the scaled results. It is a percentage based on how many children have met the expected standards in all three subjects (i.e. reading, writing and maths).