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Class 4

Teacher: Mr Haslam 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mee

Summer Two - Timetable.

Welcome Back!


Our half term together as a class! We still have lots of exciting learning to do before all the children go to Class 5. This half term we are going to continue to focus on our animal and nature topic. In Literacy, we are going to finish our discussion unit before moving on to a unit looking at fantasy writing. This is a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate their amazing imaginations! 


In Maths, we are continuing to look at time before moving on to statistics. We will finish this year by looking at shape and direction and finishing with some consolidation. This is the term we will finally do our official multiplication check. This is the last hurdle so keep up the practice on TTRS. After the multiplication check is complete we are planning a day of celebration! So look out for that.


We also have some exciting things coming up this term in other subjects. In ART we will be making some animal prints and in design and technology, we will be making our own bridges using various materials. On the first week back we have our jubilee celebration and we also have sports day and art week this term! How exciting!


Finally, PE will continue to be on a Thursday and a Friday, and spellings and homework will stay the same. Our trip will happen this half term. We are just waiting for confirmation on this!

Art - Monet water lilies

PE - Orienteering

Computing đź–Ą - Using codes to create shapes.

This week in Class 4:


Another fantastic week in Class 4! We have been focusing on our diary writing skills this week. We have been learning our model text through drawing a story map and using actions. We have also done some short burst writing. In maths, we are still focusing on practicing for the times table check. We continued to make great strides this week. 14 children got 25/25 this week and everyone else is very close to this! Keep up the good work! Finally this week, we have had some fun in Class 4. We have been doing some coding to create letters, painting inspired by Monet and we even tried some fencing. How incredible! 

Accelerated Reader & TTRS table

PE - Fencing

Science - Digestive system

Short Burst Writing - Setting Description

Welcome Back!


I hope you have had a fabulous Easter! We had an amazing term and I can’t wait for the next one to begin. Only one term to go until they are in Class 5. Time flies when you are having fun!


Next term, our topic is called ‘The natural world’. We will be looking at how rivers work and the amazing water cycle process. We will also be focusing on animals and be making a visit to Newquay Zoo! 


Homework will continue to be on Monday and spelling tests will be on a Friday. PE will be regularly on a Thursday and Friday so the children will need their PE kit on this day.

Summer One - Timetable

Class 4 new term ready!

Mayan Pots - Decorating

Jigsaw - Creating a memory collage.

Art - Mayan Pots

World Maths Day 2022

St Piran’s Day

St Piran’s Day - Cornish Fairings.

World Book Day 2022

St Piran’s Day - Cornish Colours!

PHSE - What makes us feel jealous?

RE - Making a Hindu British Flag.

New Maths investigation table.

PHSE - Working as a team to achieve a goal - Potato making competition!

Safer Internet Day 2022

Literacy - Facts and Opinions

History - Debate - Who was the greatest Mayan God?

Science - Panpipes

Basketball - PE

Computing - Recognising and creating a fake image.

RE- Diwali Festival

Literacy - Creating and performing a story map.

Computing - Editing Images.

This Week in Class 4:


A very interesting week in Class 4! We have been working very hard on our multiplication and division unit in Maths. Please continue to work on your times tables. It gives the children the best opportunity to learn in this unit. We have also been continuing to learn about the Mayans and completing our Shared Write in Literacy. This is where we practise writing a story as a class which includes the features of our text. In PE, we have been using the tennis courts to practise our tennis skills! It is clear we have some future Andy Murrays in the making in Class 4. 


Bookings are open for parents evening. Please let me know if you would to do this face-to-face or via zoom.

Mayan Patterns

PE - Basketball

PE - Fun Fit

Computing - Editing an image

Welcome Back!


This term we will start with an assessment week. This was rearranged from last term due to absences from Covid. After that, we will be starting our new topic which is the Mayans! We will be learning about the origins of chocolate which I know you will all enjoy. Mrs Mee will be joining us this term as the Class teaching assistant and she is very excited to join us!


In Literacy we will be starting a narrative unit based on the book The Great Chocoplot. We will be focusing on writing an exciting new chapter for the story but before we do that we are going to learn all about what makes an excellent story! In maths, we are continuing our unit on multiplication and division. We are going to focus heavily on Times tables this term so please continue to use times table rockstars to practise your times tables!


PE will return to Thursday and Friday so the children will require kit on these days. Homework will continue to be set on a Monday and will need to be handed in by Friday of that week. The spelling test will also be on a Friday.


Finally, this term is when we are planned in for swimming. I have not had any information about this yet but when I do, I shall contact you with more information.


Continue to look at our Class page for pictures!


Mr. Haslam.

Class Art Photo!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


We have made it to the end of an eventful term! I am so proud of the children's efforts this term. Despite it being a difficult term they have been fantastic! We have completed our Roman Bulla project and recorded our Christmas performance. This is in the video resources centre on the website for you all to view. We had so much fun making it. As we approach the new term, Mrs Mee will be joining us as the class teaching assistant. She is an amazing hard working member of staff who is excited to start with the children. Talia has been a great help over the last few weeks and the children have really enjoyed her company. She made the children an amazing card with drawing of them all on it. Please look at it above! On a final note, Im sorry for not posting on the class page as much recently. This will resume in January.


Finally, thank you for all your amazing gifts and cards. They were really thoughtful and not deserved. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Classroom Display - Spring Term

Christmas Performance

Roman Bulla - DT

Christmas Jumper Day

Emotive Poetry

Poetry - Performance

PHSE - Online Safety Posters

This week in Class 4:


A lovely week in Class 4. The children are really enjoying Wild tribe and they are learning some key skills including using a drill and screwdriver safely. Thank you for sending the children in with the correct clothing! It allows the children to have fun and enjoy the activities without having to worry about being cold.


In literacy, we have finished our play scripts and I am tredmendously proud of what the children have produced. It is amazing to see the progress all the children have made already. I have had a few proud teacher moments this week. In RE we are focusing on Hinduism and have been looking at different Hindu deities and worship.


Next week we have a really exciting week! We will be making pasta on Wednesday as part of our DT unit and we will starting to cast and practise our Christmas play! See you all next week.



RE - Hinduism

Wild Tribe - Week 3

Exploring Playscripts

Wild Tribe - Week 1

Welcome Back


Welcome back Class 4! We have another exciting half term ahead of us and the count down to Christmas has begun. Homework will continue to be set on a Monday and due in on a Friday. Spelling test will also continue to be on a Friday morning. The only major change this term is that the class shall be receiving wild tribe sessions on Thursday's. How exciting! For this they shall require:

  • Wellies 
  • Long sleeves top 
  • Waterproof coats
  • Waterproof trousers.
  • Clothes they don't mind getting messy.


The children need to bring their clothes with them on a Thursday to get changed into at Lunch time. These sessions are very engaging and teach the children lots of adventure and forest skills. We have also got two exciting DT projects this term as well some Christmas preparation. We have a very busy term ahead! 


Thank you all again for your continued support.



This week in Class 4:


What an incredible final week of the half term! We have completed our literacy unit on persuasive writing and finished our Roman Mosaics. This week we were also very lucky to have a visit from Reverend Lee who talked about the Holy Trinity which has been the focus of our RE unit. What an amazing term it has been. It has been a pleasure teaching Class 4 so far and I hope you all have a fantastic half term!


RE - Visit from Reverend Lee

This week in Class 4:


The second to last week of term. We have achieved so much this week to be proud of. On Wednesday we delivered our Harvest Celebration at Church. The children delivered a fantastic and confident performance and despite little practice time they didn't look nervous at all. A big thank you too all those who came to watch. If you could not make it, the performance will be on the website soon! We have also completed the London Mini Marathon this week which the children really enjoyed. We completed 2.6 miles and the children enjoyed wearing their numbers completing the challenge. Finally, this week we have been making our Roman Mosaics using paper and tiles. The children will complete these next week! One week to go. Don't forget Parents evening is on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Thank you for continued support this half term. 

Art - Roman Mosaics

Mini Marathon

Class 4 - Harvest Performance.

Science - Electricity

This week in Class 4:


It has been a very busy week in Class 4. We have been working hard practicing our Harvest performance ready for Wednesday. The children have been practicing their readings and have learned two songs in the space of a week!


In literacy, we have finished our Myth unit and the children have created some fantastic stories. We have now started our new unit called Persuasive writing. We have also started our new maths unit which is all about addition and subtraction. In History, we have been learning all about Julius Caesar. We used drama to re enact his invasion of Britain. 


PE - Forward and Sideways Rolls.

Science - Making a circuit

History - Julius Caesar invasion of Britain.

This week in Class 4:

Another amazing week in Class 4. Can you believe that we are halfway through the term? This week we voted for our school councilors. Congratulations to Josh and Freya for winning the vote and a big congratulations to all those who took part! In Literacy, we are finishing our Roman myths and the stories are fantastic. I can't wait to share them. In maths, we have finished our place value unit and are still practicing our times tables. Keep using times table rockstars to practice! Finally, in topic, we have created posters to persuade people to join the Roman army!


PHSE - UN Child Rights.