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April 2021

Who Can Grow the Largest Pumpkin?



 The School Council are running a class gardening competition to see which class can   grow the largest pumpkin? All classes have a pumpkin plant each (kindly donated by a   parent) and the School Council members have given a short talk to their classes about   how to look after the plant. So far all the plants are still alive! 

 This picture shows the Reception Class investigating a pumpkin last October.  

March 2021

Helping our Environment


The School Council have been busy so far this term. They have been thinking about the environment and what we can do to help. They have had some great ideas and many of them already do the actions listed in the attachment below. 

Looking at the Spring Caterlink Menu 

We have been looking through the Spring Term Menu and talking about the meals. We decided not to suggest any changes this time but we thought that we would gather feedback on a few of the meals that are new to see how popular they are.


Making Suggestion Boxes


This week at School Council we have been making Suggestion Boxes. We really enjoyed following our designs. Here are some photographs of the Key Stage 2 members making their boxes.