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Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and to contribute to the management of the school.


Our School Council


Our School Council consists of children from every class from Reception to Year 6. The School Council meets on a Monday lunchtime in the Work Area. We have a Chair, a Vice-Chair, who helps the Chair and a Secretary, who types out the agenda. Our meetings tend to be lively and productive. We have lots of ideas and spend time discussing school events and thinking about some improvements which we could make. The School Councillors consult with their class on a weekly basis (after each School Council meeting) to seek opinions, to discuss ideas and to listen to class ideas. Most terms, we write a report for the Governor's Meeting and we tell them about our events and the issues that we are working on and discussing. In each class we have a suggestion box and this encourages everyone to share their ideas. We sometimes help Mrs Raynham-Dobb to take assembly.

We have achieved the Bronze and Silver PADL Awards. 

School Council 2023-2024


Welcome to our class representatives for 2023-2024

They are:


Reception - Harriett and Alfie


Year 1 - Bonnie and Finn


Year 2 - James and Connie


Year 3 - Luca and Olivia


Year 4 - Eli and Tessa


Year 5 - Ava and Elliott


Year 6 - Joseph and Esmee

Message from the School Council


Welcome to the School Council section of the website. We hope you enjoy exploring. We have the very important job helping Mrs Raynham-Dobb. If you have any ideas, give them to one of the school council members or put them into the suggestion box. Thank you

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