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School Uniform


Menheniot Primary School aims to maintain a sense of identity by encouraging the children to wear a school uniform. We also believe that a school uniform is important in promoting equality between pupils. Some aspects of dress may also pose a health and safety risk and having a school uniform policy, helps to keep everyone in school as safe as possible.  The main school colours are red and grey. The full uniform policy is attached below. Please see the table for a summary.



 Grey or Black.

 Leggings should not be worn as a substitute  for trousers.   Shorts should be a reasonable length (Mid thigh or longer).

             Skirt or dress

 Grey skirt or pinafore.

 Red and white checked dress may be worn in summer.

 All skirts and dresses should be at least knee length.

            Shirt/Blouse  White or red (a plain polo shirt is acceptable)


         Fleece (optional)

Red with or without school logo (see below for ordering). Hoodies are not permitted. 

 Grey black, red or white socks, long or ankle.

 Red or grey tights may be worn.

                Shoes  Grey or Black school shoes (no boots, trainers or sandals)
          PE T Shirt  White or red
          PE Shorts Black or white
          PE Trainers  For indoor and outdoor PE


Correct clothing is required for all PE activities and other practical curriculum areas. Trainers are required for outdoor games. If children choose to play football as an extra-curricular activity, they will need football boots and appropriate shin pads. Please ensure that all articles of clothing are clearly marked with the child's name. This applies to school bags and all items they bring to school. 

PE kits are required to be left in school all week and should be kept in a separate bag, which can be hung up in the cloakroom. 



In the interests of safety no jewellery including friendship bracelets and necklaces should be worn. “Medic Alert” bracelets are obviously exceptions to this rule. With the exception of small ear studs, earrings are not to be worn to school. Studs need to be removed for PE & Games. If your child is having their ears pierced we ask that it is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the ears will have healed by the time they return to school in September and any studs can be removed for PE.



Hair colour should be the child’s natural colour (no bleach or hair dye) and tied back if below shoulder length. No hair extensions or woven braids should be worn. Large hair accessories that might pose a risk to health and safety should also not be worn.



Dress that is worn on religious/cultural grounds. Clothing or shoes worn for medical reasons.


Nail varnish and make-up

Nail varnish and make-up should not be worn. False eyelashes and acrylic nails/gel polish are not permitted.


Money and Valuables

We actively discourage pupils from bringing in money, jewellery or toys, unless specifically asked to do so by a member of staff.


How to Order your School Uniform

Our school uniform (with logo) is available from My Clothing (although this is not mandatory).

You can order your school uniform from

Uniform without a logo is available widely from a variety of retailers including supermarkets. Preloved (second hand) uniform is also available through the School Association - please enquire at the office.