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Class 6


In French, we played a matching game to help us to learn the names of subjects. 


In computing, we have been thinking about different ways people can work collaboratively online. We started by having 3 minutes to draw a simple picture before they were distributed around the class so that someone else could add to it. We swapped the pictures several times before they were passed back to the original owner to see the modifications made. We then used scratch to modify a project created by someone else so that each pupil had created a file from the same project before discussing in what other ways people’s work can be reused and the advantages and disadvantages of this. 


Class 6 enjoyed participating in the music workshop.

Our Science topic this half term is ‘Electricity’. Class 6 have considered the components needed to build circuits; investigated what happens if components are added/ removed and if transducers are increased/ decreased. They have identified how to fix circuits that don’t work and worked collaboratively to build circuits. 

Class 6 have settled in well to the new school year. They have been enthusiastic and have participated really well in lessons. 

Class 6 timetable for Autumn Term 

Class 6 - Mrs Heathcote