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Our School Governing Body


Our Governors are all voluntary. They guide and support the strategic direction of the school. They are important members of our school team and their contribution to the running of the school is highly valued.


The role of the Governing Body is a strategic one. Their key functions are to:


  • Set the aims and objectives for the school
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

Amanda Raynham-Dobb - Headteacher

I was appointed as the Deputy Headteacher at Menheniot Primary in 1999 and became the Headteacher in the following year. Previously I worked at schools in Surrey, Brighton and Singapore.  I really enjoy my roles as Headteacher and Governor, and feel very fortunate to have maintained a teaching role within the school too. Until recently I taught literacy and numeracy to the Year 2s and even after many, many years of teaching, I really can say that I still look forward to every day and the challenges and variety that teaching brings. I feel privileged to be leading such a lovely school, where everyone works together to ensure that the children experience the highest quality of teaching and learning.


Margaret Juckett - Chair

I have been a governor at Menheniot School since 2010 and vice chair since 2013. I took over from our Chair in March 2020 when she had to step down following pressure of work due to the covid 19 pandemic.  I live in the village with my husband and two children. My children attended Menheniot school and, prior to that, the village Playgroup. I have always been an actively involved parent, initially being secretary and chair of the Playgroup Committee, then the School Association, and most recently as a school governor.  I sit on three committees; Buildings & Finance, curriculum and Personnel. I have special responsibility for Early years (reception class) and Choughs (wraparound care).  I love being part of village life, and outside of school I am also treasurer of the Old School Committee. I feel strongly that the school is a vital part of the community. I believe that Menheniot School offers a great education, both academically and socially, and I am proud to be part of the team that delivers this aspiration.


Steven Crouch - Vice Chair

I grew up in Menheniot and bar University years have always lived in the village. I attended the school myself several years ago and now both my children are at the school.  In 2009 I became a governor as I wanted to give something back to the school and local community that has always helped and supported me. With my children now attending I like to think I am helping make a positive difference to their and the other pupils education. I am Chair of the Finance & Buildings Committee which dovetails with my job as a corporate bank manager. I am therefore in a good position to assist the school with its finances and the ever more challenging task of setting budgets and keeping financial control.



Jennie Harrison

We moved to Menheniot in 1982, with two young children, quickly followed by number three, and it didn’t take long to become involved in a variety of village activities, based primarily with children in mind, and it hasn’t stopped since.  I became involved with the playgroup, and the running of it, when the children were small, the Scout group, which our two boys attended, the Parents Association when our children attended Menheniot School, as well as becoming a Parent Governor for three years.  My involvement with the village continues today as PCC Secretary, Parish Magazine Assistant, Poads Trust committee member, and through various other activities.  I am now retired, having started out in catering, and then changing direction to become a housing officer of a small housing association operating in Cornwall.  I was asked to consider becoming a governor in 2018, and feeling a commitment to the school, having had three children very successfully educated there, felt that I would like to give something back.



Jim Cock

I am a Cornishman born in Truro of Cornish parents ,moved to Devon after the War and trained in London to become an Architect  some 50 years ago. I ran a Practice in Bath for 10 years and moved back to Cornwall in 1982 .I then had a “career break” , my wife and I owned and ran a Nursing home in Downderry for 17 years. I returned ,in a small way ,to Architecture in 2005 carrying out small residential projects largely for my own interest.  I was invited to become a School Governor in 2017  I am led to believe it was because of my knowledge of building matters and my business connections I have been a Churchwarden of our local Parish Church for the past four and a half years and I have also sat on the Truro Diocese DAC ( the Diocesan Advisory Committee) for the past 14 years which deals with any changes to Anglican Churches in Cornwall.  For the last 5 years I have judged ,with the help of architectural students from Plymouth University, the Work Experience Competition for years 10 and 11 school pupils in Cornwall and Devon.  My interests are wide and varied from Art and Music, I like to believe I bring vision and  enthusiasm to whatever I do.



Louise James

I am the Teacher Representative on the Governing Body of Menheniot Primary School. I have been teaching for 15 years and I currently teach Year 3.  Whilst working at Menheniot Primary School I have spent many years as the Reception / Year 1 teacher and a lower Key Stage 2 Teacher.  Being on the Governing Body is both interesting and informative. I have a degree in business and IT and I worked in the industry for a couple of years before completing my PGCE. I am the subject leader for literacy and am passionate about raising standards in literacy, instilling a love of books and creating imaginative and enthusiastic writers.



Iris Maslen

I have been a governor at Menheniot school for several years.  I have long connections with the school.  Our three daughters attended the school, then three of my grandchildren. They have left now to attend secondary education. My main interest has always been the pupils, seeing them progress and happy at school.  I was brought up on a farm and married a farmer.  I worked at the school as a Teaching Assistant part time for several years.  Now retired I go into school on a voluntary basis which I really enjoy. Menheniot school is a wonderful asset to our village.



Ali Burrow

 I have lived in Menheniot for over 30 years and worked at Menheniot Playgroup when my two sons attended. When my eldest son started at Menheniot Primary School, I became involved with the School Association and became a Secretary and Trustee. I continued in these positions for many years. About 20 years ago, I became a Parent Governor and represented Parent Governors at the Education Scrutiny Committee for a number of years. In addition to my Governor responsibilities, I am now a class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and continue to feel passionate about Menheniot Primary and am proud to be part of such an excellent school.



Lillian Hooper

In January 1972 my husband and I moved to Menheniot. After living in Menheniot a short while I realised there were no organisations for young people in Menheniot. I had, before coming to Menheniot, been very much involved with the work of The Girls’ Brigade and Pre School Playgroup. I started a Girls’ Brigade Company in Menheniot which ran successfully for twenty years and in 1973 I was co-founder of Menheniot Playgroup. I did not continue working with the Playgroup because St Mark and St John Teacher Training College moved from Chelsea to Plymouth; I applied and was accepted as a student at the college. After qualifying as a teacher and gaining a B Ed degree I worked in schools up until my retirement.  I enjoy being with staff and children at Menheniot School which includes playing the piano for the Christmas sing-a-long and helping at the school sports day in the summer. I am a member of the curriculum committee.  My interests spread outside the school; these include running the children’s sports at the Cherry Fayre. I am a Menheniot Parish Councillor which provides a link between School and Council. I am the organist at Menheniot Parish Church and I organise and run the Festival Choir which sing at Church Festivals.



Katharine Mee

I moved to Menheniot in 2007 and with two small children quickly became involved in the committee at the village playgroup.  As my children started at the school I joined the school association and then the Governing Body.  I feel that both my children had an excellent education at Menheniot School and as a member of the Governing Body want to help ensure that this continues for the children that are currently with us and those still to come.  I currently chair the Curriculum committee and support the Headteacher and Chair of Governors with Safeguarding.  I am also the Group Scout Manager for the village Scout Group and work at the school as a Teaching Assistant for year 2.


Elizabeth Clarke

I have been a co-opted governor at Menheniot School since 2014; I sit on the Curriculum Committee and have recently taken on the responsibility for Literacy.

I moved into the village having retired from full time teaching in 2014. I responded to a request in the parish magazine to volunteer at the school listening to children read and was subsequently asked to interview for post of governor.

My previous teaching experience centred around the Special Education sector in Devon and Cornwall, working with a wide range of individual need.

The community aspect of our village is vital to the quality of life and the school is central to this. I am proud to be part of a school with high aspirations, dedicated staff and enthusiastic children.



Emma Pascoe-Parish

I moved to the Menheniot parish 6 years ago prior to the arrival of our first child, he now attends Menheniot School and I thought that it would be a good idea to give something back to the school. I have recently been elected as a parent governor.

I have a small safeguarding background as I am the safeguarding officer for the Cornwall and Devon Land Rover Club. 

Apart from being a full time mum to 2 beautiful children I work for a local well established family run business and also help my own parents with jobs within their business.


Gina Spree

I worked for Cornwall Council for 18 years in schools in various administration roles. I continue to work in education as an exam invigilator. I live in Menheniot and both my children went to Menheniot School. I am passionate about education and giving children from all backgrounds the education they deserve.



Ian Maddever

I have lived and worked in and around Menheniot all of my life and have a business background having developed and run my own over a number of years. 

I attended Menheniot school as a child, as have both my children.  

My incentive as a governor is to help ensure the school continues to be the best that it can and offer the highest level of education to the children in our community well in to the future.