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Emotional Health & Wellbeing

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We recognise the importance of emotional health and wellbeing and believe that children are more likely to thrive in a setting in which they feel safe, happy and valued. We take a whole school approach to mental health and through our curriculum, we aim to equip all children with the physical, emotional and social knowledge and skills to thrive. We aim that all children develop resilience, confidence and independence. Through our PSHE Scheme of Work, Jigsaw, the children experience a mindful approach in which mental health is interwoven through all the units. Lessons incorporate periods of calm and reflection and opportunities for the children to talk and to share their thoughts and concerns.

At our school all the staff are committed to supporting mental health and we know that there are times when life is challenging and that as a result, anyone  can be vulnerable and in need of some extra emotional support. We seek to instil a culture in which it is okay to talk about your feelings and to ask for help. We are firmly of the view that promoting good mental health and wellbeing is everyone's responsibility and expect all to show kindness, understanding and empathy. All staff have received training in mental health and some have developed their expertise further through training in specialist provision. However there are some key members of staff who have specific roles. These include the Headteacher who is the Mental Health Lead, our TIS Practitioners and our SENCO. In 2022, we developed a Mental Health and Wellbeing Group and a referral system for staff to refer children that they are concerned about, with the aim of early identification and intervention. The group meets fortnightly and more often when needed. Provision provided includes Draw and Talk, Lego Therapy, Sand Therapy, TIS Support and Social Skills Groups. 

If there is a concern that the pupil is high risk or in danger of immediate harm, our safeguarding procedures are followed.


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