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Be happy, be kind, reach for the stars


Welcome to Menheniot Primary School

Skol Mahynyet a’gas dynnergh


Welcome to Menheniot Primary School.


We are a growing school in a beautiful part of South East Cornwall surrounded by lovely coasts and unspoilt countryside. Our school is a happy school, full of motivated and enthusiastic children supported by a team of dedicated and caring staff. Our Governors are committed and many are involved with the school on a daily basis. Together we are a team, united in our pursuit of excellence for all children.


We offer a happy and caring environment in which every child is valued and treated as an individual. Our curriculum is delivered through exciting and relevant Schemes of work which have been written and aligned to the children’s needs and interests. Carefully planned progression and memorable learning experiences are key features and we use a range of teaching strategies to cater for different learning styles. Personal, social and health education are central within our school and we encourage all our children to take care of themselves, to take care of each other and to take care of the environment. The development of personal attributes, including kindness, integrity, generosity and honesty are important to our ethos and we take time to reinforce these qualities on a daily basis, ensuring that we recognise personal as well as academic achievement.


We have high aspirations for the children in our school. We want them to feel good about themselves and to be confident in the pursuit of their goals. We aim to support them in this and to be there when they need help, offering strategies and a way forward so that they are able to achieve their potential.


Please do come and meet us. We would be delighted to show you around the school and to answer any questions that you have.


Kind regards


Mrs A Raynham-Dobb