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Class 2

Mrs Marshall/Miss Canty

Summer Term







Design and Technology

This term the children have been looking at what makes a nutritious cereal. They enjoyed designing and making a cereal for an athlete.  













The children enjoyed clearing the flower beds and making their own minibeast hotel.











 Spring Term


Celebrating Easter


Today the children visited the local church to take part in a range of Easter activities. 














Health and Wellbeing Day


















Science ( living things and their habitats)

The children enjoyed investigating different microhabitats around the school. 







This week we started to learn all about instructions. The children identified different features of instructional writing and learnt a new text using actions.



Our DT project this term is to make a vehicle. We began our project by looking at different vehicles ( van, ambulance, bus, car, etc). The children identified key parts of a vehicle and looked at how they move. We studied the inventor Henry Ford and compared cars from the past and present. 






World Book Day









Exploring arrays using counters and cubes. 







The children learnt all about what humans need to survive. We boarded our 'class plane' and ended up stranded on an island! The children though about what items they needed to survive and why these would be important. 




🍂 Autumn Term 🍂


Practical lesson activities: exploring, naming and making 3D shapes; matching and creating symmetrical patterns.

Christmas Play

Class 2 are all superstars. They performed their play, 'The Littlest Christmas Tree,' with such confidence. Well done everyone!

Christmas Tree Festival


Today, the children walked to church to see the Christmas tree festival. They thought of things they were thankful for and some wrote prayer to hang in the prayer forest.







Christmas Jumper Day 


The children spent this week in music learning about crotchet and quavers.


Music Performance 

Today the children preformed the music they have been learning this term for the rest of the school. 




We had a visitor who taught us some Cornish greetings. We can say hello or dydh da and answer the question Fatla genes? which means How are you?

African Drumming

We enjoyed our African Drumming session this week. The children enjoyed learning about different instruments and trying them all out.


The children have been exploring different movements.







The children have been learning to play the ukulele.






The children enjoyed experimenting with secondary colours.



The children enjoyed finding the beat using different parts of their bodies.






This week the children have been learning about place value and writing numbers to 100.  






The children have settled well into Class 2 and enjoyed their first science lesson learning about absorbency. 









We practised counting large numbers by making groups of 10. It was much easier to count the tens and then the ones!