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Choughs Club


We now offer before and after school care at our Choughs Club run by Jade Woods (Manager) and Tasmin Woods (Assistant).


At Choughs Club we want children to feel safe, stimulated, happy and to feel secure and comfortable with play workers. We also want parents to have confidence in both their children's wellbeing and their role as active partners with the Choughs Club.


We aim to make Choughs Club a welcoming place where children settle quickly and easily because consideration has been given to the individual needs and circumstances of chldren and their families.


Before a child starts to attend Choughs Club we use a variety of ways to provide his or her parents with information including a Parental Information Pack and an opportunity for parents to visit Choughs Club.


When a child starts to attend, we work with his or her parents to decide on the best way to help the child settle in to Choughs Club. We must have all your child's relevant information, especially medical and contact information in place before your child can attend.


For insurance reasons places at Choughs Club are only available to pupils enrolled at Menheniot Primary School.

All our staff are CRB checked and Menheniot School policies apply to the Choughs Club (copies available from school).


Breakfast Session

The Breakfast session is from 8.00am - 8.40am when the children go to their class. The cost is £2.50 per day to include breakfast (please state your child's food preference). There will be a discount of 50p per session if advance payment is made, or if vouchers (in books of 5) are purchased for £10 per book.


After School Session

The following activities will be offered:

Craft activities, Indoor games, outdoor activities (depending on the weather), chill out activities (reading/listening to stories/tv time). Afternoon sessions run from 3.10pm (end of school day) to 6.00pm and cost £7 per session. A discount of 50p is available if advance payment is made, or a book of 5 vouchers (£32.50) are purchased. There will be a late pick up charge of £20 if a child is not collected by 6pm.


How To Book

Places should preferably be booked two weeks in advance to allow us to plan activities, although bookings can be accepted up to 48 hours in advance. Late sessions will be accommodated if space is available. Please ring 07505 487 226 to speak to Jade (the manager) or leave a text message. PLEASE DO NOT RING THE SCHOOL.

Information packs are available from the school.



Places cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged.